“First distribution boards ready after only three weeks”

<p>“First distribution boards ready after only three weeks”</p>

It is the beating heart of the Belgian football community. The RBFA’s Belgian Football Centre is the starting point for our national teams. A multifunctional sports complex, including hotel and office space. For that heart, we assembled the distribution boards and headboards. We delivered the first phase in only three weeks.

Speed and efficiency are central to everything we do. But for this project we went to extremes. “Client Vinci Energies asked for a guarantee that the first electric panels would be ready after only three weeks,” says co-manager Peter Hermans. “Actually, that is impossible. The normal lead time for this type of distribution boards and main boards is about six weeks.”

Finishing distribution boards on site

“Still, we managed to get it done: schedule flipped with our designers and calculators, did overtime in the workspace… And didn’t wait for all the materials to arrive. We finished the panels as good as possible and then completed them on site. That’s really exceptional that we do it this way. But the deadline was so tight that we had no choice.”

“Another requirement for Vinci Energies is that, as a supplier, you work to their standards. They have their own quality label through which they assess their suppliers on the aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility. With EBB, we have already risen to silver.”


About the electric panels

Our panels handle power distribution at the Belgian Football Centre. From the ground lighting over the administrative centre to the hotel.

We built a total of 9 boards.

  • Main boards: Prisma P.
  • Distribution boards: Prisma G.

Abouts the sports complex

  • Site: 13 hectares
  • Footbal pitches: 5 outdoor, 1 indoor, 2 street football courts, 1 beach soccer pitch
  • 12 dressing rooms
  • Administrative centre: sports and technical offices
  • Professional referring offices
  • Club house: kinerooms, fitness…
  • Hotel with 79 rooms, 150-seat auditorium and 7 seminar rooms