KNX and electrical boards for hospital

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<p>KNX and electrical boards for hospital</p>

With 545 beds, Chirec Delta is one of the larger hospitals in Belgium. We combined our expertise in KNX and panel building for this newly built hospital. “The new construction of Chirec Delta was a prestige project,” says co-owner Peter Hermans.

Two weeks of camping

“Modifications are specific to the building sector. But this project had a lot of modifications. Which meant that both we and the installer had to make regular adjustments. Our KNX specialist even went camping on site for a fortnight to translate the existing proposal into a working whole. He deserves all the credit – he saved our customer a lot of money with smart zoning and smart placement of the control panels.”

“For those control panels, we have the advantage of assembling them. Part of the steering has to come in the panels. Then it is very efficient that we as KNX programmer can do that ourselves. Otherwise, our client would have been between two parties. Now he has one single point of contact: less hassle, less follow-up and more certainty that the whole thing will work.”

“Our experience in hospitals comes in handy in this project. It is still a building type with its own points of interest: there is that specific control and crucial operational security.”

 About the hospital

  • 545 bedsn
  • Surface area: 104.000 m2
  • Eight floors
  • 11.000 m2 consultation area
  • 1.000 m2 emergency department
  • ER with 28 rooms

About the BMS

KNX in charge of controlling lighting, shading, operating rooms and hospital emergency department.

About the panels

  • 9 main panels in ELSTEEL
  • 203 Prisma distribution panels

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