ELSTEEL electrical panels for UZ Leuven

<p>ELSTEEL electrical panels for UZ Leuven</p>

Campus Gasthuisberg is the largest university hospital in Belgium. And the site is still expanding. For each of those expansions and renovations, we at EBB are in charge. From the electrical panels for the new construction of the first proton therapy centre in Belgium to the replacement of old installations. But always in ELSTEEL.

We are the only panel builder in the Benelux to be allowed to build in ELSTEEL. ELSTEEL is a flexible framework with an excellent price-quality ratio. Especially towards large capacities, it is the solution.

Of course, it is a matter of standardization for UZ Leuven. But ELSTEEL has numerous advantages for their specific situation.

For example, it is an enormously flexible system – we can go completely customised in terms of form. ELSTEEL works with multiples of 20 centimetres. Whereas with other brands, only a limited number of standard sizes are available.

This results in two major advantages

  1. We can work around concrete beams and shafts.
  2. We can make optimal use of the full wall height.

An advantage in new buildings. But in UZ Leuven’s existing buildings, sometimes the only solution to get rid of all that power in the available space.

ELSTEEL also has another technical advantage: the drawers can be pulled out. As a result, changes, expansions and maintenance can be done afterwards without having to switch off the entire board. So everything just stays operational – a must for UZ Leuven.


UZ Leuven’s research department always opts for a connection with busbar. It is then up to us to prepare everything as well as possible so that the connection runs as efficiently as possible for the installer. This is where our expertise with copper works comes in handy: we design all bus bars completely in-house.

About the ELSTEEL panels

An average of six to seven panels per building.

  • Headboards in ELSTEEL
  • Emergency boards

We already built the panels for :

  • New building child psychiatry
  • New building proton therapy centre
  • New building of St Rafaël campus

About UZ Leuven

  • Four functions: ambulatory hospital, general hospital, educational and scientific research
  • 200.000 m² hospital-, research- and educational infrastructure
  • 10.000 employees
  • Number of beds: 1.500