HVAC-integration sports complex Herent

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<p>HVAC-integration sports complex Herent</p>

Bart swings sports centre. Herent has named its renovated sports complex after its honorary citizen, the most famous inline skater and ice-skater in our country. We at EBB took care of the HVAC integration: the BMS and associated cabling as well as the HVAC boards.

Combining panel building and HVAC integration for this sports complex gives our client a single point of contact for the whole picture. Plus the guarantee that the panels are perfectly aligned with the overall system.

“The panels for this project were pretty straightforward. Regarding the HVAC side, the range of possible solutions is bigger. That’s why we make it a point to sit down with our customer,” says co-manager Bert Denivel. “We never want to just make an offer. We want to think along about the best possible solution according to the needs.”

“Additional challenge was that this was an expansion. Those techniques also had to be integrated under the new BMS.”

HVAC integration sports complex

On the construction site itself, we make a difference in two ways::

  1. Quality of execution
  2. 100% I/O-testing on site

Quality of cabling

“One: we put extra effort into the level of finishing of the cabling. It’s in the details. In the bend work, for example. We regularly get the compliment that our degree of finishing is much higher than the standard.”

I/O-testing until everything works

“Two: we test everything. Every connection. Even if we don’t do the cabling ourselves. For us, it’s not a matter of driving to the construction site and shooting our programming into that system. That is not quality. We make sure everything works.”

Is there a problem? Then we find out what it is and fix it. Ourselves, if we did the cabling. Or in cooperation with the installer if we didn’t do the cabling. That way our customer is 100% sure it works.”

About the building

expansion of existing sports complex

  • Surface area: 4.175 m²
  • Indoor sports hall for ball sports, badminton and judo
  • Gymnasium of 860 m²
  • Cafeteria
  • Asphalted pumptrack
  • Finnish trail

About the HVAC integration

Controls everything related to air quality: ventilation, heating…

About the panels

HVAC panels

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